Rainbow Serpent 2015

Rainbow 2015, amazing like always. This year I’ve made a small sound cloud playlist of some of the sets that are currently available

Rainbow Serpent 2015 wild like every year.

First up for Rainbow Serpent, credit where it’s due like always. The image above it was taken by the Moja Reeve , checkout his work he takes an amazing photo.


Rainbow Serpent 2015

Well this year was massive, just like always Rainbow Serpent explodes any person into a temporary universe where everyone is just so dam nice and pleasant! There was so much great music, art and workshops like always. The crew setup in south camp like always, if you have never really been to a rainbow serpent, south camp never sleeps, much like the rest of the festival, but from my experience South camp is the most livid and active all through the festival.

This year I’ve made up a small playlist on sound cloud of all the artists I could find that have uploaded there sets.

Stay tuned, more cool stuff is in development for rainbow this year!

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