Ssl Error Debugging In Google Chrome

SSL is becoming cheaper even free! Learn how to secure your personal or business website with a SSL certificate Today Google released Chrome version 48.0.2564.82.

Chrome v48 beta Developer Security

SSL is becoming cheaper even free!

Learn how to secure your personal or business website with a SSL certificate

Today Google released Chrome version 48.0.2564.82 m with the release of this version of Chrome, Google is making it easier for developers to debug SSL problems.


Google Chrome Security Debugging

SSL security debugging

Some more awesome news topic in the world of SSL is that Lets Encrypt is now in public beta and anyone can get free open source 90 day certificates!

This is huge for the security industry and certificate authority industry, hopefully it makes a change for the good and we can make purchasing certificates a thing of the past! Currently SSL Certificates can get very expensive depending on which one is required.

For example you can get a free 90 day one from Lets Encrypt and just have a script that renews it or you can spend anywhere from $9 – 1,380 per year, all depends on what style of certificate you wish to use, be it domain validation, organization validation or extended validation.

These are generally what a customer is looking for when wanting to know if the site has a SSL Certificate

  • https in the URL
  • a closed padlock
  • a trust mark
  • a green address bar (available with Extended Validation SSL certificates)

Sites that are running a SSL but don’t have any of these are still transmitting data across an encrypted network but it’s not validated.

Most common problems for sites not getting the green padlock even though you have it all setup correct is your website assets are loading on HTTP protocol rather than HTTPS, this is generally a very simple fix with removing the protocol all together and letting the browser / webserver choose it.

If you are looking for someone to help with certificate errors or setup please get in contact with me, I’ve setup and help a lot of clients with encryption, along with helping them understand what is need along with finding the best one for there needs.

I recently just moved Rainbow Serpent Festival to a fresh new SSL, join in on the secure world and make your customers feel safe!

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