VPN’S For Dummies and Mummies

There isn’t a day in the week I don’t get asked “What’s the best VPN?”.

VPN(Virtual Private Network) is a hot topic in Australia is because of the dreaded data retention law that has been passed, even though most of the data they collect is useless it’s time to start educating the masses on encryption and protecting your on-line privacy & data.

This so this short post is for those who I’ve either directed here or you simply don’t know and are looking for help with selecting a VPN.


First up, the best free VPN, by far is TunnelBear, they offer 500MB for free each month and it’s the simplest of them all.

TunnelBear VPN

TunnelBear is by far the easiest to setup and get working straight away, they have over 21 locations to choose from and simple one button connection.


Next up is my personal favourite Getflix, personally it’s the only one I got to work 100% with my Roku here in Australia, it’s allowed me to use a product not yet released in Australia.

Getflix VPN

Getflix is a full VPN service, with unblocker’s for all sorts of VOD services, they have both Full VPN and a smart DNS, Getflix also gives a two week trial.  The trial is great value as I felt it was long enough to test the network out. I’m now using OpenVPN on my desktops and laptops while using the Smart DNS they provide on my mobile devices.


If you want something easy and hassle free, I suggest TunnelBear the application they have is by far the easiest for anyone to use it’s available on most platforms.

Now if your requirements are a bit more than normal it’s defiantly time to look into Getflix as you get access to there full VPN as well. This is much more traditional, but a lot hard to setup.


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