Small Business Websites

Getting a small business website setup is always a daunting process, there are that many options around these days what do you choose?

This post is just to give you a general run down best practices for your budget.

Team Revolt gets an update

Over the past few weeks I’ve been building this new Wordpress theme along with a new theme for Team Revolt who I’ve been a member of for the last year or so.

Foundation 5 CSS Framework

During building my new theme, Foundation 5 was released… I’ve build my latest theme you currently see on Foundation 4, but either way it’s a very nice framework.

Trance, it keeps me in the rythm.

So I’m a sucker for trance while sitting behind the desk. Currently I’ve been listing to  

Flat UI design, is far more apparent now.

Flat UI Web Trends Flat UI is another apparent web trend, but really just designers getting rid of the unwanted flashy taking a more minimal and less intrusive approach. I’ve been doing it myself on personal site’s for some years now, but Flat Design is taking over the web at a very fast pace. It’s […]