Firmware and calibration – Kossel

Calibration is always talked about being difficult on a delta, I don’t know why I guess it’s a relatively new style so people are afraid to try, either way total I’ve spent around 4 hours calibrating and setting up firmware. This includes setting up Marlin & Repetier firmware.

Anycubic supplied the Marlin firmware which I just needed to adjust my Z_HOME_POS and I was good to go almost.

For calibration I swear by this calculator it’s saved me hours of maths and headaches, simply input your spec’s and get some point on the bed to probe and add the differences in and get back what needs to be adjusted. I spent a few hours on this and managed to get a somewhat decent quality coming out of the printer, for my first ever printer I was happy with it.



Here is a resonance test I did before getting filament, this was running Marlin firmware supplied with printer.

This is my first time-lapse this was printed using marlin firmware.

I decided to take a punt at getting Repetier firmware on the printer. Quality took a huge and overall performance took a huge leap forward.

This video the printer is running Repetier 1.0dev

View my Repetier 1.0 firmware and eeprom settings.

Beware, I take no responsibility to what happens if you use the above firmware, use at your own risk!