Hardwired PC

Hardwired PC is an Australian boutique builder of high performance computer systems, they are a long time client of mine, I’m responsible for design & server administration.

Hardwired PC have been a long time client of mine, I’ve provided them with Web Design for the last 6 years, they specalise in boutique computer systems for personal all the way to corporate.

This is the 3rd version of Hardwired PC website, it’s been a complete redesign again on the front-end, along with Brett Wagstaff redoing all his custom back-end.

Here a few screenshots, I highly suggest actually taking a look at the site though.

This is the completely redesign product page, this is a single page style design for this, if someone was to land on this page they should know everything they need to, they are also fully responsive!



Customise system

The new system has been broken down into 4 steps lowering the chance of user error & part’s mismatch, once again completely responsive.

 Step 1 – Platform selection

This was designed purely to help out customers that have no idea about chip-sets, making the hardware in the next step all 100% compatible having zero chance of user error when building a computer.



 Step 2 – Chassis selection

This section was created, give the the customer full customisation over how the system will look, each system has a list of compatible cases. This stage give the user a nice visual representation of how the chassis will look and also some information on size & specs.



Step 3 – Build System

This is were all the real fun begins, you are presented with a list of parts that are 100% compatible with anything you have previously selected. There are two types of sections in this part, one is thumbail while the other is a simple list, the thumbnail view is used for components that have colour variants or are part of the visual presence of your build.

hardwired-customise-step3a hardwired-customise-step3b


Step 4 – Accessories

We originally only wanted a 3 step builder, but after having such a huge list in step 3 we decided to add another step simply for accessories like monitors, keyboards, headsets & software.


This just the start of the new Hardwired PC, I highly suggest jumping over and having a look at the site, I had an absolute ball making it and left Felix the CEO of Hardwired PC with a huge smile for years to come.