Munzee is the next generation in global scavenger hunt games. In 2014 I provided Munzee with Web Design & front-end development, all on-top of there existing application.

Working on Munzee was very refreshing after building so many WordPress sites, I rarely get the chance to do many custom application front-ends.

This is an expectation Munzee came to me asking for a full redesign of there current web version of the application, below are some of the major pages there of course are a lot more changes!!

This application is custom built and the front-end theme is using the Twig, this allow the front-end of the application to keep the php to a minimal in-between the theme. It works very well and once you know all your available commands it’s very dam easy to theme a whole website.

The CSS for this was SASS and compiled server side, updating and version control for this project was all via git on a private Bitbucket.

Overall the project was 100 hours work, spread over 3 months and was a total joy to work on, it’s a complete difference pace to my WordPress themes and I loved it!. The whole Munzee team was an absolute pleasure to work with and will do again at any chance!

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