What I do

I’m a Front-end Developer / Designer, I build websites and bring idea’s to life on the world wide web,I’ve got 10 years experience and it’s growing daily.


1. Discover

I ask lots of questions, learn about your industry, and figure out what you’re after. The goal of this phase is to gain a deep and intuitive sense of your goals, competitors, and business plan.

2. Plan

I take what we learned in the Discovery phase and transform it into an actionable plan. I also define the budget, timeline, technology, and deliverables (such as briefs, sitemaps, and content outlines) needed to complete the work

3. Design

Strategic plan in hand, we move to the drawing table — this is where the design and concept begin to take shape. I keep sifting and refining our ideas until we’ve found the best possible solution.

4. Build

I run all projects using ‘agile’. An iterative process, it includes daily ‘scrums’ involving key stakeholders that deal with issues and opportunities as they arise, as well as continual communication between the client.

The result is a more reliable, comfortable and faster process – with better results.

5. Deploy

I put the spit-shine on our work with user testing, quality assurance, and reviews. When we’re sure all development is complete, I deploy the project in a live production environment.

6. Aftercare

Once your site is up and running beautifully, I won’t just sit there admiring it or vanish. I’ll teach you and your staff and make sure they are completely confident in ‘driving’ it (updating content for instance).

I’ll always be there if you have a question. And I’ll come back with any other ideas we think could help you.

I specialise in the following languages

My tool kit and services

If you are after a Freelance web developer / designer hybrid that is focused on websites that work(on all devices) contact me for a free quote