Who I am

My name is Luke Alford, I’m a web developer & Web Designer hybrid. skilled in HTML, CSS, JS & PHP I’m ready to deliver on time, budget and bug free for any idea or website you have.



The Short version? I’m..

  • A results focused web developer / web designer who knows what it takes to deliver a bug free and on time project
  • A freelancer that runs his company like a business – not a creative diva. I strive for deadlines, well written briefs and clear communication.
  • A Developer / Designer hybrid, I entered the Web industry as a designer, now I’m a web developer and web designer.



The full story.

I started playing with computers at around the age of 6, I remember putting a 5.56 inch floppy disc in my fathers 386 IBM to play NBA, it was awesome. Skip forward to around, 12 I was still playing bucket loads of video games on the computer. But also loved the web, I didn’t get a decent internet connection till I was 14, until then it was 56k and was relativity usable on text based sites.

Around 14 I started focusing on creation, this meant I learnt to use Photoshop and started making all sorts in it, I loved mocking up websites and idea’s I had, I got my first design job for a website when I was 16, it was a small little gaming website(what’s the luck, my first job was relativity close to my favourite past time). The site is long gone, and I’m sad I can’t show you some screenshots(Always back up!). From that day onwards I knew I wanted to make a career out of web development and web design.

Moving forward a year I was having much trouble getting my freshly made web designs & prototypes to be functional, web developers were hard to find and highly out of my budget and lacked the creative & UX skills. This is were I taught myself HTML, CSS, JS and PHP, and this is what I’ve been focusing on ever since and have grown in to highly talented web developer and web designer hybrid combo(they are a rare!).

When I left secondary college, I went to South West Tafe and got my Diploma of Interactive Digital Media & Certificate IV of Design. After Tafe, I continued networking and growing my skills.

Now 24 in the last 10  year, I’ve worked for lots of different clients ranging from Agency’s, Political, Corporate, Events, Start ups & Small Business. Working with such a vast amount of clients has given me the diversity and skills to deliver any project on time and on budget.


I love web design and web development, if you are after both or even one your project is in safe and competent hands, request a quote or just send me a message.